Who we are

We are a group of about 30 people united by our commitment to cohousing, the shared values and aims of Cannock Mill and living an environmentally friendly life. We come from various walks of life and have diverse interests and experiences. Although we are all different, we try here to provide a flavour of the many interests and beliefs that bind us together.

The age range of the group is currently from the late fifties onwards, with the majority in their sixties. In line with the Cannock Mill values and aims, we do not restrict membership to any age range, sex, sexual orientation, religious or ideological or political belief, or postcode! Members do need to have the resources to buy a property, as we are not supported by external funding. Our membership process allows plenty of time to learn all about Cannock Mill and whether it is for you.

One thing that unites our group is that we really like Colchester and its beautiful surrounding countryside. We also love the Cannock Mill site and relish the opportunity of developing it into a wonderful place to live. Many of our current members are moving here from London and others are from Colchester and elsewhere.

We have a wide range of active interests, but some generalisations are possible in addition to the fact that we can generally be described as ‘eco-active’ and dedicated to ‘getting things done’. The following interests are well represented: creative interests (eg carving, ceramics, collage, drawing, painting, textiles), music and singing, gardening, cooking, walking, cycling, and swimming. Many of us are also volunteers: as school governors, or with diverse organisations concerned with, for example, disabled riding, hospital campaigning and railway restoration.

While we might not manage to put out a team, we expect to be enjoying some of the following (in alphabetical order): backgammon, bridge, chess, equestrian activities including carriage driving, fishing, golf, juggling, kites, poker, pool, sailing, snooker and table tennis. We have members who participate in: book clubs, choirs, classes in languages, Pilates, walking groups, yoga and more. We aim to continue with our varied activities when we are all living at Cannock Mill and so become part of the local community too.