What do you get when you buy a home at Cannock Mill?

In short, you get a comfortable, adaptable home, built to the highest eco standards!

Passivhaus in a terrace

Passivhaus in a terrace

Our homes (in phase one) are being built to Passivhaus standards which means meeting rigorous standards of thermal performance by being ultra-well insulated and having triple-glazed windows for example.

Of course, this costs a bit more to build, but annual heating costs are minimal.

The homes will also be to Lifetime Homes Standard, so they’ll be easy to adapt for use when we get old and creaky. For instance, both the houses and flats will have spacious wheelchair accessible layouts and gentle stairs and any necessary adaptation is facilitated (eg installing a lift or hoist) by the way they’re built. This could save a lot of expensive care costs in the long run!

sectionAll the houses are tucked into the sloping site, so have their living space on the top floor to take maximum advantage of natural light – and heat! Every house has a south-facing balcony leading off the living space and a garden designed for easy shared maintenance where preferred. Even the integral garages in the bigger houses are within the Passivhaus envelope and, to add to the eco-credentials, the houses will have living green roofs and external finishes that do not require painting.

Broadband connections will be fibre to the home, the best way of providing high-speed internet access.

Plans and expected prices for the homes are here.

Shared facilities

ECannockMillvery owner will also own a share of the common grounds and listed Mill, which will be our common house, with three floors of shared space for communal activities (accessible by lift), such as meals, parties or just cosy evenings together. It’ll have extra guest rooms too, so although many of us are downsizing our homes, in reality we’ll be upsizing our living space! Read more about this here.

We’re planning other shared amenities too: although members may keep a car on site, we intend to have a car share club, and in time, shared electric cars. Colchester has great cycle paths, so we’ll be providing a cycle store and a workshop for maintenance.squash

We’ll be eating lots of fresh fruit and veg at Cannock Mill, as there’ll be a huge shared allotment where the gardeners amongst us will grow organic produce to share.

Fancy a dip? We’ll be able to use the mill pond as a natural swimming pool. You don’t get that on your average housing estate!

When we aren’t being so active, there’ll be plenty of beautiful green space for relaxing in and the site is right next to the Bourne Valley Local Wildlife Site.Cannock Mill Cohousing Colchester Bourne Valley


One of the most valuable benefits of living at Cannock Mill is being part of our caring, sharing community. This really has a value that money can’t measure, and benefits aplenty, most of which you probably know by neating-together-after-cohousing-board-meetingow or you wouldn’t have read this far! The existing members of the group all believe that the value of being part of this cohousing community fully justifies the cost of their individual home.