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Privacy and data protection

We collect and use personal information about the people we deal with, such as current and prospective members, newsletter subscribers, suppliers, and others with whom we communicate. We recognise that, in relation to such personal information, we must be fully compliant with the applicable law and comply with the principles it establishes for the collection, processing and disclosure of this information.  If you have any questions concerning our data protection policy please contact

Website: We do not track or retain any information about you when you view our website.  Your visit here is 100 percent private apart from any consequences of the cookies mentioned below (over which we have no control).

Newsletter: If you sign up for our newsletter, in order to be able to send it to you, we ask you to supply a valid email address. We do so on a form maintained by the third-party software company that we use to administer the distribution of the newsletter (MailChimp privacy policy). You may withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data for this purpose at any time using a link in the newsletter, or by contacting us on

Events: If you register for an event, as part of that process we ask you for permission to use your personal data to administer the event and possibly to share your identity with the venue (which will be notified to you in advance) for security purposes. To withdraw your consent at any time, or if you have any questions about this, please contact or

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We provide the following information in support of our compliance with the requirements of EU law (from 1 January 2021, UK law – which remains consistent).  If you are not familiar with the term ‘cookies’ (other than as a form of biscuit), you should obtain at least enough information about them to make your Internet browsing safe.  As usual, search engines can provide much information.  We only use cookies because we use a third party publishing system (WordPress) to organise and present our website.  An introduction to relevant EU law is given at eg 

The following is a list of cookies that we are aware of that may be put on your computer (or phone/tablet) by browsing pages on this website.  There may be others or these may change and while we will try to keep this list up to date, it is created manually by examining a feature present in many browser programs (such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge – this is an ‘advanced feature’ and is called something like ‘developer tools’) that can show information about cookies.  If you are using such a browser you can open that tool and check our information.  If you spot a problem please let us know at

__utmaThird party, persistent2 yearsSet by MailChimp ( only if completing Newsletter subscription form
__utmbFirst party, persistent1 daySet by WordPress
__utmb __utmc __utmt __utmzThird partySee first party entriesVersions of these four cookies (with different text contents) are also set by MailChimp ( only if completing Newsletter subscription form
__utmcFirst party, sessionThis viewing session onlySet by WordPress
__utmtFirst party, persistent1 daySet by WordPress
__utmzFirst party, persistent18 monthsSet by WordPress
AVESTA_ENVIRONMENTThird-party, sessionThis viewing session onlySet by MailChimp ( only if completing Newsletter subscription form
viewed-cookie-policyFirst party, persistent1 yearSet by WordPress - a simple yes or no indicator

Information on specific cookies may be found by searching at for example 

The information given there for __utmb indicates that it is ‘one of the four main cookies set by the Google Analytics service which enables website owners to track visitor behaviour and measure site performance’.  It is worth stressing, therefore, that we do not use any information from this cookie (and indeed the other Google Analytics-related cookies) in any way.

Opting out from cookies on this site

There is no mechanism for us to operate this website without cookies, so you have two options if you do not want the cookies to be put on your PC (or mobile/laptop).  The first is to set your browser preferences to block all cookies.  Surprisingly, this has no effect on the operation of our website but as a general setting, it could prevent you from using many popular websites unless you make an exception for each such site individually.  The second option is to not revisit this site.