Plans to download

The plans below are simplified and may not show all the latest updates.  See the homes being built in our Gallery of site progress.


Phase one – due for occupation 2019

Flats 1-2

Flats 3-4

Flats 5-6 (above 3-4)

Houses 7-11 ground first second (and roof)

Houses 12-14 ground first second (and roof)

Houses 19-23 ground first second

Phase two – due for occupation 2020/21

Cannock Mill House flats

Expected prices

In our cohousing development there is no external developer and, because we aim to ‘break even’, the price is not final until after the development is complete.

Home type Bedrooms Size (square meters) Approximate Price
Flat 1 or 2 52 m2 to 62 m2 £220k to  £265k
2 storey without garage 2 76 m2 £340k to £355k
3 storey with garage 2 133 m2 £550k
3 storey without garage 3 110 m2 £510k
3 storey with garage 3 144 m2 £610k to £630k

It’s always worth enquiring about membership of Cannock Mill, whether you’re interested in joining us soon or with an eye to the longer term future, as property availability often changes. Currently, the lease has not yet been signed for one of the three-bedroom houses. In addition, once we move in, we plan to start converting into flats Cannock Mill House, an imposing Victorian house at the entrance to our site, creating a further three energy-efficient homes. Read a blog about it here.

We are establishing a waiting pool for people who would like to live at Cannock Mill Cohousing, either as soon as the right type of home becomes available or in the long term. Planning ahead is particularly relevant to couples wanting a three-bedroom home. Contact us for further information.