Plans to download

The plans below are simplified and may not show all the latest updates.  See the homes being built in our Gallery of site progress.


Phase one – now occupied

Flats 1-2

Flats 3-4

Flats 5-6 (above 3-4)

Houses 7-11 ground first second (and roof)

Houses 12-14 ground first second (and roof)

Houses 19-23 ground first second

Phase two – due for occupation 2022/23

Cannock Mill House flats (the internal arrangement has changed since these were drawn but as we are just updating this web page for those who ‘discover it by accident’ from an old link, we have not updated them.


Home type Bedrooms Size (square meters)
Flat 1 or 2 52 m2 to 62 m2
2 storey without garage 2 76 m2
3 storey with garage 2 133 m2
3 storey without garage 3
3 storey with garage 3 144 m2