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The main contract really started in May 2017 and we have one of those Gantt charts showing the planned sequence of the work.  As you might expect we start with the preparatory work to the sloping site and then move on to actually building the homes.  That is done in phases as the homes are grouped together in sections that usually are determined by the size of the home (eg by number of bedrooms).  Work is also to be carried out on Cannock Mill itself to convert it to use as our common house.  As it is a listed building we have planning conditions that ensure that it is preserved as much as possible.  The mill pond presents its own challenges – but we are confident that it will eventually provide a marvelous feature as part of the landscaping as well as a natural swimming pool for the more hardy of our members.

The planning documents are all available on the Colchester Borough Council website and show all the necessary details.  There are two separate sets of documents as the listed Mill is split off from the main planning.

Some of these photos show how the site looked before we started, others record the preparatory works, such as demolition of outbuildings, tree works and the preparatory works to the ground mainly to control the water on site.

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