Homes still available

We currently have available one three-bedroom house for which the lease is unallocated. The specification of this eco-home of the future can be explored elsewhere in this website and is fully explained during our comprehensive membership process.

It provides 144 sqm of space over three floors and has an integral garage. While it has a private balcony and garden it also comes with the considerable benefit of the shared common house (Cannock Mill) and grounds and of course participation in the community. It is identified by number (22) on the site plan below. If you are interested in this home then contact our membership secretary by email ( or phone 07910 466 913.

In a cohousing development, there is no external developer and, because we aim to ‘break even’, the price is not final until after the development is complete, but our current expectation is that 22 Cannock Mill Rise will cost circa £600,000. Prices for all homes are shown in our membership questionnaire.

Cannock MIll Cohousing Colchester Site plan with numbersAlthough not part of the current development, we own Cannock Mill House, which has the potential to provide further homes: one- and two-bedroom flats. Other homes may become available in the short term as individual circumstances change.

We are establishing a waiting pool for people who would like to live at Cannock Mill Cohousing, either as soon as the right type of home becomes available or in the long term. Contact us for further information.

Floor plans

House 22




Floor plans for other homes and for Cannock Mill House are available here.