About us and how we work together


We are a cohousing group building a community in which we all benefit from sharing facilities, and each other’s company.

So far we’re mainly professional people with a wide range of jobs including several architects, a chartered accountant and a chartered surveyor, which is currently proving very helpful in organising ‘the build’.  Among our diverse individual pursuits are: languages, walking, singing, swimming, stone carving, piano, cycling, sailing, cooking, gardening… Meet a few of our members here.

We are keen to recruit new members and understand that this can only follow a ‘getting to know you’ process on both sides.  We have a procedure for this, see Contact us.

We generally meet on the first Saturday of each month in Colchester. Meetings are followed by a bring-and-share lunch. We also arrange occasional weekends away to give us time to discuss developments more generally and build our group identity.

At all meetings we try to make our decisions by consensus, which takes longer but is more likely to ensure that everyone has had a say and accepts the outcome. We have used voting on the rare occasions a decision has to be made urgently, or is required by our non-profit company legal status. As our membership grows, and issues become more complex, we ensure our decision-making processes keep pace. Click to download a full statement of our cohousing principles and decision making procedures (20161105decisionmaking ). To share the work of developing our cohousing community, everyone belongs to at least two subgroups, working on different areas such as building, finance, communications, membership and social activities.

The Executive (chair, secretary, treasurer and subgroup chairs plus a ‘lay member’) reports to the monthly Board meetings at which subgroups also present reports on their current work for discussion and agreement.

Members attend meetings in person or by video conferencing and we also cooperate through email and other computer-based systems.  Help is given to new members if necessary to manage the adoption of what may be new ways of working. This is in addition to our ‘new members’ information pack and mentoring from existing members.

We are legally constituted as a company limited by guarantee: Cannock Mill Cohousing Colchester Ltd, registered in England and Wales number 06805556, registered office 9 Wickham Road London SE4 1PF. Why not read our 2017-2018-annual-report?