Becoming a cohousing ‘Miller’

July 13, 2018 12:19 pm

In February I wrote a blog about our (Tim and Jane’s) journey into cohousing and in March after much anticipation, we were delighted to be accepted as members of Cannock Mill Cohousing. Whereas the path to membership involved much soul-searching about what we really wanted, actually becoming a Miller opens up a whole new world of information and possibilities.

The first exciting steps were choosing our house, as there were three remaining, and selecting additional elements for our kitchen, as we were just in time to put in our order. We really look forward to our bi-monthly visits to the Cannock Mill site so that we can see the houses and flats developing. In June we were able to use the temporary internal stairs to view one of the houses in detail and we got a good impression of how lovely and light our home will be and how the spaces will look. The site looks wonderful in the spring and summer – a green oasis complete with its own wildlife particularly on the pond. The Mill is also an inspiration;Cannock Mill Cohousing Mill and Pond with its new roof and refurbished internal spaces it will be a wonderful place for the community to meet, take part in shared activities and socialise.

Of course, there are also all the practical issues for us to deal with: signing the agreement to lease our Cannock Mill home and paying our deposit, selling our own home and de-cluttering in preparation for moving.

As a Miller one gains access to all the background information and documents about the development of Cannock Mill from the planning stages onwards. We have been stunned by the amount of work which the members have put into the project over many years and their level of expertise in many different areas – all of which will ensure that the community gets off to the best possible start. In particular, our architect Anne’s work on the design of the site has been and continues to be outstanding.

In order to start contributing to and becoming part of the group we have joined two of the Board subgroups – Tim joined the Finance group and Jane Communications. Both this and the monthly Board meetings are helping us to get to know everyone better and feel we are playing our part. The July meeting included a picnic at a member’s house – how fantastic to think that next summer we’ll be able to picnic round our own pond.

Cannock Mill Cohousing picnic

The first impression we gained during the membership process of a warm, friendly and committed group has certainly proved correct, and now we can’t wait to move in and begin our life as Millers in earnest!

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