Not one but two successful cohousing weekends in Colchester!

October 19, 2014 3:39 pm

LoCo Board pictured during a meeting breakWe had a Board Weekend, 6 and 7 September, at one of our favourite downtown Colchester  locations, the North Hill Hotel, and followed this up with a very enjoyable and productive ʻMeet the Neighboursʼ event on 14 September.

More about that later, first the serious business of our cohousing Board Meeting.

This involved two days of intense discussion about the increasing levels of design detail we now need to address, under the patient direction of Anne, our architect.

Once again, we made good use the hotelʼs meeting room and were well looked after by the friendly staff. This was a very positive weekend, somewhat in contrast to our
previous visit in March 2013, when the future our Colchester adventure hung in the balance.


We all decamped to Cannock Mill on the Saturday afternoon, for a preview of the information to be displayed at the Meet the Neighbours event. This of course led to numerous comments and suggestions, to improve the display boards. Sitting around chatting proved to be almost as popular as working, which is how it should be. It was clear to all that the upper floors of the Mill will make great spaces for our communal activities.

Each time we go to Cannock Mill, it feels more like home. One that still has the ‘pinch me’ factor, a hard to dismiss sense of amazement that we have managed to complete the purchase of this lovely site, after two years of hard work and many ups and downs.

With the curtains drawn back, and the windows open, the sun floods in, and we can now dream of the days when we will look down in awe at members of our Swimming Club (Anne and Sue) powering up and down the pond.

cohousing-thoughts-by-overgrown-Cannock-Mill-pondThe old Mill Pond is now very overgrown, and the serious business of putting buildings in the right places is clearly on Jennyʼs mind, although this determined guidance appears to be getting a mixed response.

And so to the ʻMeet the Neighboursʼ event, held on 14 September. Having leafleted (twice) around one hundred neighbouring properties, mainly on Barn Hall Avenue and Old Heath Road, we were unsure how many would be prepared to turn out on a Sunday afternoon. As it happened we were delighted that over forty local residents came to look at our information boards, set up in the Old Heath Community Centre on DʼArcy Road. We were very grateful for the friendly welcome, and the helpful comments received.

Many had read about the project in the local press and there appeared to be genuine interest in what we are aiming to achieve at Cannock Mill. The afternoon was really enjoyable and we felt, very worthwhile.