Whatʼs in a name?

September 7, 2014 1:43 pm

A name in Clochester

LoCo, initially short for London Countryside, reflected the origins of a group of friends and acquaintances working in and around London, and their aspirations to head out one day to the greener grass of the countryside.

The group found common ground in a desire to think and plan ahead for their later years coupled with the realisation that London might not necessarily be the right place to conduct a slightly more leisurely retirement. On this basis, a new cohousing group came into existence, formally registered as a ʻnot for profitʼ company limited by guarantee with the name: London Countryside Co-Housing Group Ltd.

This not so catchy formal title shortened into the much more catchy LoCo cohousing, or simply ʻLoCoʼ. We were quite relaxed about the fact that ʻlocoʼ means ʻcrazy personʼ in Spanish. Anyone who has been part of a cohousing group will testify that a degree of craziness is a very useful quality to survive the years of hard work, frustration and perseverance required to make things happen.

For the crazy people of LoCo, the perseverance has finally paid off, and we are delighted and relieved in equal measure to have completed the purchase of a lovely site for our grand project, on the south eastern edge of Colchester. Here we are planning to build twenty three ultra low energy new homes, alongside the historic timber framed Cannock Mill, and its Victorian mill house. The three storey Mill provides the perfect location for the common facilities that are fundamental to any cohousing project. We are planning to reinstate the old mill pond and intend that the Mill and surrounding terrace and gardens will be the social heart of our scheme.

What is also a happy coincidence is the potential to neatly morph our name from London Countryside cohousing into something like Low Energy Colchester cohousing – for example  LoCo cohousing, LoCo Colchester, just plain LoCo, or even CoLoCo . .  ! The options are too plentiful, but we will no doubt arrive at a consensual decision in due course.

Maybe, not so crazy after all . . .

[and now you are reading this on the website of Cannock Mill Cohousing]

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